• – 1 pkg. Sugar Cookies
  • – 1 Container White Frosting
  • – 1 pkg. Gummy Bears
  • – 1 pkg. Whoppers Candy
  • – 1 pkg. Tootsie Rolls
  • – 1 pkg. Mini Pretzel Sticks
  • – Mini Marshmallows
  • – Green Food Coloring
  • – Lighter optional


  1. Mix green food coloring into the white frosting and frost the cookies.
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut knife marks lengthwise into the tootsie rolls so they resemble logs.

  3. Cut the gummy bears into 3 pieces and dice the whoppers into small pieces.
  4. Sprinkle some whopper pieces onto the middle of the cookies.
  5. Take 3 tootsie rolls and lay around the whopper pieces in the shape of a triangle.

  6. Place some of the gummy bear pieces inside the triangle of tootsie rolls to resemble fire flames.

  7. Poke a pretzel stick into a marshmallow but not through it. It will look like a roasting marshmallow on a stick. Repeat this for as many as you need.

  8. Place 3 of the marshmallow sticks on each cookie in a pyramid shape over the campfire, making sure the marshmallow touch at the top.

  9. An optional step: Take a lighter and run it over the marshmallows to give them a roasted look.

  10. 10. Super cute and fun treat for summer parties!